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Heart Of Lead


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All life grows In harmonious suffering Woven web Painfully stretching towards light Seeds will sprout again Cold and ill begotten Grey stems of life Wreathed in flesh and skin A million stars Within one mind Broaden pathways And lower heights No matter which path is taken They all lead to the same place There and back again and there again and back again and there again and back...again Everywhere and nowhere
The Descent 08:09
Moving Downwards Towards Familiar depths Only one expression would remain Branded upon the now featureless face It would be that of pain You steel yourself Only to find out You were running from yourself Over and over again Through absurd corridors and times always forgotten The mountain obscuring the sun At its peak nothing awaits Without a sense of purpose bear and endure the weight of being Labyrinthian patterns Shapes echoing sounds Turn into visions Poisoned, inspired by fear The shape of consciousness revealed Metastructure intertwined with awareness itself Rythmic pounding, pulsating pain Eyes shift from temple to temple Motion, increasing sickness Progress achieved through obstruction Swollen skin, ready to burst Blood boiling flesh and mind All I see and all I feel Is fire Fire reduced to ember I feel the sun approaching Its first rays, warm with contempt Gently caressed its depleted child The mountain obscuring the sun At its peak meaning awaits Though I gaze at heights untold Deepest trenches beckon me
When spoiled days of youth Breed nights of harrowing truth Spiral patterns reveal Deceive and conceal The stars gaze back and I feel them burning Sorrowful embrace White, hot with yearning They painted across my face In a dream I set fire to water And buried my face in my own two hands yet there was no absolution Nervous sobbing and a crooked smile I long to hear again The voice from within Which proudly sang to me Of what I was to be Dissonant voices echo In a chamber far to small Black liquid seeps from open eyes The spores have found their way inside Held captive in the eye of the storm Where everything is quiet and nothing matters Lay down and wither Wither and listen!
Doubtful pursuit Remnants of primal instinct An internal contradiction Life forced upon itself I bend in all directions In me there seems to be truth To grow by painful stimulation And vanish all traces of youth I swam in neural oceans The tides were gentle and calm Unused, the right to procreation Solemn being engaging in forceful copulation Bear witness As nothing Becomes Something Born of lies and lack of ambition Raised by fear, hatred and grief Behold! An imperfect source Become a nightmare made flesh Taken by force and held by virtue Finger placed upon the lips Lukewarm tears Stream down her face An imaginary fugue Plays softly in the distance
Perceiving Spectral gestures Holding all Keys of soil Graceful unweaving of body and mind Vibrant light Reaching out to A world inside An astral coil Ancient wisdom manifested Resounding through timeless chambers Fractal expression of life In coarse, ecstatic convulsions Standing on the brink of my mind Celestial being, full of light Grasping at the earth below Let go and fall into the night Steep is the price to pay For unearned wisdom Mangled psyche overflowing No distinction between night and day
Fragments Slowly Come together To Form A whole Desperate hearts grow cold Profound scenes of pain unfold Bridges burned, regrets concealed Emotionless void is revealed Burn my eyes Let them rest True horror lies Within my chest
Unstated terms and unspoken words Weigh more than time and lead in new life Oh, disarming pleasure Unaware of loss Deceitful eyes leering Illusion of triumph was cast All that is said And all that is done Crushes with sense Of righteousness Forced to kneel By chains unreal Suffer willingly Suffer silently Submissive Deceitful Misguided And unloved No sound travels To my ears As my lungs Expulse the last remnants of air And then Ecstatic numbness Of indecision Overtaking Endless pathways Branching out Yet I choose To stand in place and stare in horror Self imposed Captive state All keys in hand Yet no movement is made Stand in place and stare Into infinity As your youth Trickles away


KALEIKR was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in early 2016 in order to create progressive and experimental music straight from the heart. Emerging from the ashes of promising black metal group DRAUGSÓL, KALEIKR make the absurdity of human experience palpable through a next-level synthesis of melancholy, intricacy and aggression.

‘Heart Of Lead’ is a phenomenal debut album. Structured as a journey from sadness through despair to total mental collapse, the album begins at a sunrise coloured with the reflective purity of viola, gradually becoming darker and stranger with each following song as it builds towards a never-ending sunset.

KALEIKR use the riff-complexity and clarity of progressive Death Metal, sparing bursts of emotive Black Metal dissonance, forlorn Hellenic leads and section transitions worthy of prime OPETH or ENSLAVED - all coated in a translucent layer of preternatural psychedelia - to augment lyrical themes of self-contradiction, despondency and delirium.

‘Heart of Lead’ possesses the depth of feeling present in the finest Icelandic black metal; that particular sense of the saudade, a longing for something missing, absent and just out of reach.


released February 15, 2019

Maximilian Klimko : Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Arrangements
Kjartan Harðarson : Drums & Percussion

Special guest, Árni Bergur Zoëga : Viola on tracks 1, 2 & 4

All music & lyrics by KALEIKR.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary.

Cover art and layout by METASTAZIS.


all rights reserved



KALEIKR Reykjavík, Iceland

KALEIKR transform the absurdity of the human experience into something palpable which is sure to have a lasting impact on the listener. Blending melancholy and aggressiveness into a perfect mixture, the band's sound can only be described as devastating. ... more

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